What is a Newtopia?

An ideal community, not the perfect world (utopia) but a great place to live, to work and to play. We have lots of them in Bucks County, think Newtown Borough, Yardley Borough, Langhorne Borough, Doylestown Borough, New Hope etc. etc. Each offering a heart or hub for their surrounding communities. Shops, restaurants, libraries and of course history. We know that our Newtopias are the main reason people want to move to Bucks county and /or to stay here. So, if you want to buy in Newtopia you have come to the right place. Sure, you want a lovely home but you also want a "good life". Use our site to gather information on what lifestyle you can expect in Bucks County. If you are selling your home, you want a team who knows all the nuances of the neighborhoods because buyers don't just buy the house, they buy the lifestyle and if that isn't part of your selling strategy, you just lost some of the value.

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