Marketing Plan

Before the marketing plan is put together (specific to your home) we will need to ask you some questions on the phone or via email and then we make an appointment to get together with you. In the meantime, we ask that you jot down any questions you can think of and we will do our best to answer all of them.

So, what happens when we get together?


Before we get together quite a lot of research is done. We will spend time before our meeting reviewing all the sales in your neighborhood and mapping out a marketing plan specific to your home.



This is our chance to get to know one another and to determine if we are “a good fit” and if we are the best qualified agents to market your home.


First Things First

Give us a tour of your home and point out everything you have done to improve the home and also point out things about the house that made you fall in love with it.


Why Are You Moving?

Please be forthright and let us know what your goals are… we can’t meet or exceed them if we don’t know what they are!


 Our Specific Marketing Plan

We will review the marketing plan for your home. Don’t forget the buyer is not only buying the house they are buying a lifestyle and the marketing plan should be specific to the kind of buyer we wish to attract.


Who Will You Choose To Sell Your Home?

Remember that list of questions you put together? Now is your chance to ask and we will do our utmost to answer them.  

Please do yourself a favor and choose your agent based on the level of trust and confidence you have in their ability to get the job done… Not the one who gives you the highest price!


Pricing – Where will we decide to position your home in this market?

We will decide together, that’s part of the process. We will leave you with a package of comparable sales for you to review. Then we will take all the information we gleaned about your specific home back to the office. Within a day or two we will provide you with a breakdown of where we think your home should be positioned and why. Once you have had a chance to digest all the information we (Seller and Agent) decide at what price your home will go on the market.



There is a lot of it! When you are ready we will go over all of the listing documents with you. All State mandated documents are provided ahead of time, so you have a chance to review and jot down any questions or concerns. Once everything is signed we go to work launching your home on the market!