Newtopias: Walks and Hikes in Bucks County PA-3-19-19

One of the many reasons I love living in Bucks County so much is we have access to so many phenomenal hikes and walks.  Whether it's hitting the trails in our local parks like Tyler State Park, Washington Crossing, Peace Valley, Core Creek, the Canal, or Sunday strolls through our historic towns there's always great places to explore.  I tend to head out early to fit my walks in so I can be back in time for the kids getting ready for school.  This time of year it means it's too dark to take pics when I start out, but usually there's enough sun near the end.  It won't be too long now until the sun is up earlier which will make some hikes accessible.  This last week I checked out the following places.

Tyler State Park: I set off from the Fisherman's Lot across from the Langhorne Players Club
and walked the 4 mile loop on the main trail.  I usually prefer the horse riding trails, but this time of year they can be a bit messy to navigate.  The sun was coming up as I hit the dam and there were some great views of the houses and Tyler Center for the Arts.  Growing up in Newtown Borough I've spent a lot of time here riding bikes, fishing, going down the algae slide and jumping from the rope swing.  So, I'm a bit biased about this park and think we're so lucky to have such a great park just minutes away.


Washington Crossing to New Hope on the Canal: It takes me a bit longer to get here so I headed out a bit after 5 am & unfortunately it was too dark for any pics of the canal in Washington Crossing.  I had a quick stop at Starbucks to get something to warm me up and caught the sun just peaking over the hills of Lambertville.  This is great hike on date nights. It's about a 40 minute walk into New Hope if you start near the Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve and a nice way to the end the night after dinner and drinks.


Lambertville and Goat Hill Overlook: Another one where I had to head out earlier.  After the hike on the canal the other day being so dark I decided to walk around Lambertville, NJ.  This is a favorite for my family.  We come with the kids to walk around town and end up at the playground, or when it's just us we hike the canal from Lambertville to Stockton & come back to New Hope on the PA side.  About 7 - 8 miles.  Then we usually end up at El Tule for dinner. Really great food and BYOB.  The town was pretty quiet accept for the morning walkers and runners.  My favorite part though was checking out the Goat Hill Overlook.  I'd never been and thought this early in the morning would be a perfect time.  It was only about a 7 minute drive from town and the "hike" is only about half a mile out.  Coming back there was a side trail that cut straight down and since I was running late to get back for the kids it was perfect.  What a view of Lambertville & New Hope!


Tohickon Valley/ High Rocks:

This is where the kids and I often go camping so they've done this hike quite a few times.  We love the views, especially on the lower trail, as you can see the water and you still end up at High Rocks anyway.  Stopping at the Point Pleasant Country Store afterwards for a sandwhich and a treat for the kids is always fun.  Especially in the warmer weather when all the motorcycles and buses for rafting from the Bucks County River Country are passing by the front porch.




It was a great week for me!  I plan to continue posts on Newtopias about the local hiking, towns, restaurants, etc. to share what makes Bucks County such a great place to live.  If you have any places you love and want to share please don't hesitate.  I'm always looking for new places to see.  If you're looking to buy or sell in one of our Newtopias: Newtown, Yardley, Langhorne, Doylestown, New Hope, or any of their surrounding townships shoot us an email, text, or phone call to see what our team has to offer.