What’s My Bucks County Home Worth?

Everyone is curious to know what their Bucks County home is worth.  Zillow pulls in tons of people everyday looking at their ZESTIMATE. Well, I hate to ruin it for you but we have found the Zestimates to be wrong on almost every occasion. Not just a little bit wrong, but in some cases by several hundred thousand. After all, it’s just a computation based on homes within a certain radius. Zillow does not know if the house across the street has 1970s foil wallpaper and shag carpet, or if they just remodeled the entire place.  In fact, even according to Zillow, they’re only within 20% of the actual sales price 87.6% of the time in Bucks County (as of 3/25/18).  Another way to say this is 12.4% of the time, they are off by 20% or more.  The average sales price in Bucks County was $354,042 through February of 2019. This means Zillow would have been off by $70,000 or more.  In fact, they are only within 5% of the sales price 55.2% of the time, which is still off by tens of thousands of dollars. So, I guess what we are saying is don’t trust their numbers.

The best way to know your home’s worth is to give me a call or send me an email, (215) 860-4067 dale@thecosackteam.com.  You can also fill out the form below. OK it won’t be instant but I bet we will be able to give you a stronger sense of value within a day or two with absolutely no cost or obligation from you.